1. Ai??Type of Gasketi?sAny high temperature high pressure engine we matched with high sealing technologies, superb heat resisting property and restoration properties.
  2. Ai??Insulatori?sThese products are combined heat insulated and noise isolator. It can be available in many kinds of engine.
  3. Ai??Eco Clipi?sEco Clip is a clip with superb grip performance that is free of environmentally toxic materials, in addition it can be selected according to the heat resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, cost and other requirements.
  4. Ai??Technologiesi?sAny high temperature high pressure engine we matched with high sealing technologies. Subsequently these product had been installed in record numbers of Japanese Truck company and Construction machinery company for a long term. Some products had been patented in Japan.
  5. Ai??Facilities
    1. Mega Press Machinei?s200ti?z45t (56 machines)
    2. Hydraulics Press Machine i?s400t 200t 150t (3 Machines)
    3. Bend Machinei?s35ti?z30t(6 Machines)
    4. Co2 Welding Machine (8 Machines)
    5. Spot welding machine (19 Machines)
    6. Printing press (2 Machines)
    7. Coating line (2 lines)
    8. 3 dimension finder
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    10. 2 dimension process machine
    11. mould production/Repair machine
    12. Eco Clip forming machine
  6. Ai??Customer
    1. Hino Motors
    2. Volvo(UD TRUCKS)
    3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    4. Kubota
    5. Hitachi
    6. Husqvarna Zenoah

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